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Bull Shark Caught in Tulum, Mexico

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Bull Shark Caught in Tulum, Mexico

This Bull Shark was caught and killed by fishermen in Tulum, Mexico. It is unknown for what purpose.

Bull Sharks are the only Shark that can survive in Fresh and Sea water, meaning they are often found upstream in rivers and creeks.

This Bull Shark was caught in the sea.

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Comments for this Shark Photo

Comment by Jonathan
11th March 2008 - 9:26

Wait, Bull Sharks can be found in freshwater? Oh god... the rivers are not safe anymore!

Comment by alyria gibson
2nd April 2008 - 12:36


Comment by Hannah
11th April 2008 - 11:29

This is terrible people shouldn't kill these things they are almost all gone. And if i ever meet anyone who has killed a shark or even ate one I will confront them that sharks are one of the LORDS greatest creatures and are dying every second. Whoever has killed a shark out there. You should be ashamed of yourself. And how wold you like to be a shark you wouldn't want to get killed by a human. NOW WOULD YOU?

Comment by Sammy
25th May 2008 - 17:36

I' m scared of sharks

Comment by veena
29th July 2008 - 5:08

Well if its to protect swimmer around its good,better prevention that cure.As its well none over the globe to be a real Danger to mankind and its not that rare Species.So Good job Buddy and if its again appear near the coastal region its should be hunt as soon as possible in order to protect not only adults ,specially children that are unaware of the danger that it can be .

Comment by thaqib
13th October 2008 - 12:24

wow! that's fascinating, that is a great picture of a bull shark i think the people in Mexico will be able to catch a great white shark!

Comment by baby girl
19th January 2009 - 10:41

they live in fresh water too!?!?!?
now im not going swimming beacuse they are very powerfull animals and they can bite you or possibley eat you up and that scares me for my family and my friends
not going swimming ever again

Comment by jorden
7th February 2009 - 18:18

Thats amazing

Comment by kerrie jenkins
8th February 2009 - 13:07

sharks should not be killed unless it is really necessary. they are a living species and should be left in peace. i really like sharks and im only 8.

Comment by Gemma
22nd April 2009 - 14:41

thats not fasinating its cruel they dont mean to kill us people.they think were fish and oon top of that there going instinct and we ned\ed them because if we dont have them the food chain would crash

Comment by adeeba
24th March 2010 - 7:30

these people are horrible they suck people shouldnt kill these innocent thing any more they are almost gone

Comment by Skipper
29th March 2010 - 13:32

In all actuallity the sharks are a HUGE part of why humans are still here. If it wasn't for the sharks all the fish that people eat would probably be infected from all the waste in the oceans. The sharks eat the garbage. And also, they rarely attack humans, and even when they do, the person that was attacked usually lives through the attack. Sharks are not aggresive and in fact they keep our ecosystem on a balance, without them the human race might have died out hundreds of years ago. And humans tend to think that sharks are a danger so they began killing them off when really sharks are really not that big of a harm. Our oceans would be disgusting if it wasn't for these sharks, so be thankful that we have sharks.

Comment by Matt
15th April 2010 - 5:46

I want to give Lucine Khachatryan my most sincere wishes for success in getting her National Geographic Documentary "published". I believe that the disemination of factual information about Bull Sharks (and all other sharks and creatures) derves to better equip each of us decide for ourselves what is right and what might not be right in terms of what we kill, eat and make laws to protect. Without the source of foods we take from the oceans of the world, the Human population could not survive. I find it disgusting that certain fishing companies (from certain countries) remove only the fins of sharks for comsumption as a delicacy and/or for use as an impotence remedy/ingredient and discard the rest of the carcass (body) as waste. Bull sharks are mostly unpredictable and sometimes are agressive, as is any predator. I suggest we stay out of their way. Sometimes, of course, this is not possible. Please, read about American sailers stranded in the Pacific Ocean after the USS Indianapolis was sunk in battle. Many survived the wars bombs and bullets and their own sinking ship, but not their four nights in the water. Although, it has been conjectured that White Oceanic sharks, not Bull sharks, may have been responsible for taking the lives of many of those men. (Incedentally, there were no sounds of helocopters dropping rafts or other rescue effort "shark attracting" activities present other than man as a food source. There have also been a few documented attacks on Human's perpetrated by the, evidently non-anadromous, yet both freshwater and saltwater habitating Bull sharks. Both in fresh water rivers (160+ miles upriver from salt water) and in Oceans, Bull sharks have eaten Humans due to territoriality, mistaken identity and, as nearly as we (Humans) can discern because we are a source of food for them when we are in either their freshwater or saltwater habitat. Still, those numbers are miniscule when compared to the killings of (attacks on) sharks due to ignorance, greed, mistaken identity and certain men's inability to achieve and/or maintain an erection. Drag nets used by SOME Commercial Fisheries are indescriminate killers of whatever gets in their path, i.e. sharks, dolphin (mammals), "unmarketable" fish, etc. I believe we need international laws governing the use (and abuse) of edible resources from Oceans, Seas and Gulfs that border and feed multiple Nations. Personally, I love the taste of sharkand thrive and give thanks for the sustenance it provides. My philosipphy is, "If you kill it, eat it, all of it. If you're not going to eat all of it (or feed all of it to others), don't kill it." My guess is that the shark in the picture above was eaten, not wasted. I would love to know for certain. In the water the shark is at the top of his food chain. On the water he is part of our food chain. We People have every right to exist (eat, deficate, sleep, reproduce, provide food and shelter for ourselves and our young etc.) on this planet just as most of us accept that our fellow planetary occupants do. I will not opologize for being at the top of my food chain on the majority of the relatively small terrestrial portion of this planet. We cannot survive without the food sources provided by the Oceans of the world (period).

Comment by Erik
21st April 2010 - 20:19

hey skipper!
your wrong about sharks not being aggresive! that species right there, the Bull Shark, has the HIGHEST testosterone level of the entire animal kingdom. Imagine a Beserk WWE wrestler with big teeth and is a cannibal! but seriously, this wasn't cool. You really shouldn't harvest sharks. I am going shark fishing in this Mississippi river soon, and I will try to keep the shark alive in time for one photo, and then a release into the river. Thats how it should be done.

Comment by vealchart
27th April 2010 - 9:49

i wish i was a shark... I would fish for humans. to get big humans: bait = big mac

Comment by Spencer
1st May 2010 - 4:37

Having just returned from Tulum and gone swimming with my kids in Yal Ku Lagoon (one of the most beautiful places I have visited), I wondered about bull sharks.

They are the only shark species that is at home in either fresh or salt water and, though the odds are very long, could one day appear .... among the many snorkelers.

I am all for conservation of habitat and species. Almost all of us eat meat or fish. The issues described in previous comments is one of balance and sustainability,

Comment by Kitty
21st March 2011 - 10:48

Prevention is better than cure you say? then don't go in the beach that have deadly sharks. AUSTRALIA, MEXICO, FLORIDA, AFRICA, these places have all the dangerous animals. To prevent it do not swim or surf. If you want to enjoy the beach then don't go to far. These animals has the right to live because they are also created by God, If you dont like it then atleast respect it.

Comment by des
22nd March 2011 - 8:24

What a great shame that this animal is dead!!! Sharks are an essential part of the ocean and take a long time to reach maturity. Humans are killing sharks faster than they can reproduce themseves. if this continues they are facing extinction which is ...forever!! this sucks and without these apex predators the seas will DIE!! However, the choice is, and, always will be, up to Humankind.

Comment by sean
10th May 2011 - 19:57

What makes me sad is that people call sharks "MONSTERS" but this picture helps show the humans that kill them for NO reason are the real MONSTERS

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