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A Busy Georgia Aquarium

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A Busy Georgia Aquarium

A photo taken in Georgia Aquarium.

tags: goergia aquarium, aquarium

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Comments for this Shark Photo

Comment by Yoselyn Cedillo
13th April 2008 - 17:30

Georgia Aquarium, it is a historical photo. As much as people love to watch them, other places such as Hawaii their populations are decreasing. Sometimes even sharks are hunted down. Like some animals in the sea, also outsiders are also being hunted. So keep your animals safe Georgia Aquarium. Let others know that sea animals and outsiders should not be killed. Farewell!! :)

Comment by starspangle
22nd April 2008 - 18:09

you could tell yhis is an acuriann this is realy nice because you are hlping the enviroment(thankyou gise realy much)!

Comment by halle
18th January 2009 - 9:05


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