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Great White Shark Head On in Mexico

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Great White Shark Head On in Mexico

A wonderful head on capture of a strangely cheerful looking Great White Shark. Taken off Guadalupe Island, Mexico.

tags: guadalupe island, mexico, great white shark

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Comments for this Shark Photo

Comment by Brooke
14th July 2008 - 12:58

Hey now thats a cool photo.

Comment by Sarah
31st July 2008 - 19:15

It looks like it is smiling :)

Comment by jada
16th November 2008 - 7:30

why do they attack?

Comment by wannabedesi
17th January 2009 - 21:48

That is a freaky picture. The scars on the face are just scary

Comment by adelle
18th January 2009 - 6:07

that looks just like the shark Bruce from Finding Nemo! ha!

Comment by Mitchell Vanko
5th March 2009 - 17:07

Wow I cant even begin to imagine the terror I would feel if I was under water watching that come right towards me. Dont get me wrong, I love sharks, and would love to swim with one in the wild. Im just not sure if I could handle all the big space, with big aminals. I would proble honestly go into shock if I had a big great white approach me from head on like that.

24th March 2009 - 16:04


Comment by asley
20th April 2009 - 13:12

thats so cool

Comment by Mikka
9th March 2010 - 13:03

then what happen to the photographer 2 seconds after? hahaha...i think there will be no second photo of this shark...cos its SMILING...i think the shark saying thank you to God for sending a food that can put its face on internet...LoL

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