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Whale Shark at Okinawa in Japan

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Whale Shark at Okinawa in Japan

A Whale Shark shot taken off Okinawa, Japan while on a Whale Shark dive organised by Torii Beach Scuba Locker.

Whale Sharks off Okinawa are held in a giant pen, positioned about 2 miles offshore, for research purposes. The Sharks are held for only a few weeks and one at a time while they can be studied and understood.

This particular Shark was released from the pen and continued to circle it until it was opened again, at which point he swam back in. He is known for being extremely friendly and enjoying interaction with divers, including being stroked.

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Comment by Tyler
12th May 2010 - 7:58

That mouth could hold 7 people in it!But whale sharks never attack people!

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