Diving with Tiger Sharks

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Diving with Tiger Sharks and other sharks, without cages. Despite the Jaws theme tune and dramatic music, this is actually quite a good video.

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Comments for this Shark Video

Comment by kelsey
6th August 2008 - 18:32

sharks are so cool i want to be a marine biolegest when i grow up l absouletley love tigers and great whites iv'e always wanted to go cage diving with a shark

Comment by Shubham Suresh Chougule
28th January 2010 - 8:45

i love your videos nd thanks for giving us more information about sharks on websites.

Comment by ceara
2nd October 2010 - 9:56

i love this movie so much i don't really like sharks but its the song, the way the sharks are they are so visious.

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