Say Not To Shark Fin Soup

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A short video entitled "Say No To Shark Fin Soup" and set to the song I'll Stand By You by the Pretenders.

This video highlights the barbaric practice of Shark Finning for delicacies such as Shark Fin Soup.

This video contains graphic scenes showing the brutal acts that are performed on sharks.

tags: shark fin soup, conservation

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Comments for this Shark Video

Comment by stacie
12th April 2008 - 19:13

this is absolutely heartbreaking!!! I found it hard to even watch this video.

Comment by Ashley
23rd October 2008 - 11:28

It think that they shouldnt kill sharks just for there damn fins we should do something about this i am a very big shark lover!!!!! i think that its wrong loved your viedo!!!

Comment by BRENDA
11th December 2008 - 17:43


Comment by BRENDA
11th December 2008 - 17:43


Comment by megan
19th February 2009 - 21:02

The people who are killing these sharks make me sick!!! People eat the soup and flavor it with chicken or beef flovored broth!! so many people dont even like sharks because of the media and they think they are "MANEATERS"well if some1 get attacked by a shark and they die it because usally blood loss! THE SHARKS DO NOT EAT THEM!!!! there so many sharks dieing every year but only five people die each year from shark attacks!! it horrible they cut off there fins and throw them back in the ocean sharks only can suvive 2 days without fins!!! its sick!! for people who actual read this i recommend the movie "shark water" its a great movie!it will change ur image of sharks forever!! I LOVE SHARKS X)!!!!!!

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