Surfer Attacked by Two Sharks

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This video shows a surfer being attacked by two sharks and fortunately surviving. Includes interview with the surfer.

tags: attack, great white shark

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Comment by Spank Chavier
7th May 2010 - 5:57

I have seen this video many many times. And I want to know why have so many so called shark and orca experts not corrected or looked into this further . The video claims (as it always has ) that 2 great whites attacked the surfer . But watch it very close and it is very clear to see that coming from the right side is not a shark but a Killer whale! from the way it moved to its color and marking and the biggest give away was its very tall black un-shark like dorsal fin is clearly seen. now what was coming from the left side of the screen was a shark without question . sharks hunt seals but so do orca's and killer whales have been know to charge a beach to snatch up a seal . So was this a fight for first bite between 2 titans of the deep or was the orca saving that surfer from the shark. this seems like it would be very important to the study of both of these animals and should be looked at again very carefully. But after some years of this video still showing up on t v shows and the internet It has always said that it was 2 great whites . its like people are too caught up on the fear of the . shark attack thing to really see whats going on.The surfer says that it was 2 sharks .I think that he was scared out of his mind and if people told him that they seen 4 sea monsters attack him thats what he is going to think. maybe he did see a shark when he was getting tossed around underwater and a whale would look like a big shark to him too he was just trying not to get ate am sure But I will say that am 110% sure that the second so called shark that came in from the right side of the screen was in fact an Orca Whale . the video says it all .

Comment by Tyler
20th May 2010 - 7:47

Shark 1 does look like an orca!!!

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